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The world is waking up to the reality that trauma is playing a massive role in how we see, feel and connect to the world around us. We are starting to ask ourselves the question “Why?”. Why do I feel unable to fully connect with my partner, feel safe in my community or make decisions that will bring me into a deeper fulfilment in my life? Everyday there is more evidence proving that the way we experienced life as children and the impactful moments that framed what allowed our nervousness systems to classify as safe or unsafe are taking over our “free will” and forcing us to run on autopilot.

Trauma affects our physical and mental well-being in many different ways; Anxiety, depression, sexual impotency, memory loss, lack of self-confidence, chronic illness, hormonal problems, overactive mind, fears and patterns stopping us from living in peace and harmony with ourselves and our loved ones. 

We are here to assure you that it doesn’t have to be this way that neuroplasticity is REAL and proven and together we can rewire and re-program our systems to be able to LIVE in this reality not in fear, numbness or a constant overwhelming pressure to achieve, but to feel fully equipped and capable to experience the magic life has to offer and the confidence to live authentically and express our truths. 

SOHUM SOMATICS aims to support your healing process. 

Through accessing deep rooted trauma that has been stored in the memory of the body, using a combination of somatic healing techniques in person or online personally designed for the effectiveness of your needs. 

With SOHUM SOMATICS it’s important that you feel safe, seen and connected so that you may feel deeply supported in your process.


How can Sohum Somatics best support you?

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21 Day Transformational Trauma Program in Paradise

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14 Day
Full Body, Mind & Spirit Nervous System Reset


9 Day 
Restorative Kambo Cleanse in Paradise


10 Day
So’hum Somatics Special Package


Create Your Own
Healing Experience in Paradise

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